Cuartoymitad Arquitectura

Built with Berta

  1. Runavík, Faroe Islands, 3 February 2016

    Cuartoymitad has been shortlisted as one of four finalists for the Runavík site within the Nordic Built Cities Challenge Competition. Shortlisted entries will now be developed further during the second stage of the competition, and a winner will be selected in early June. We are delighted!

    More info about our proposal and the competition framework can be found HERE

  2. Madrid, 21 September 2015

    Miguel Paredes will defend his doctoral thesis with a public viva on Monday, 21 September at 11:30am. You are warmly invited to attend the event and join us in the celebration!

  3. Madrid, 11 September 2015

    The viva examination for Ruth Vega's doctoral thesis will take place on Friday, 11 September. You are all invited to join us at the ETSAM and celebrate the successful completion of her Phd!

  4. Madrid / Edinburgh, March 2015

    Creative Public Space: The Power Of Chance. Post at by Ana Miret

  5. Barcelona / Wuhan, February 2015

    Two new publications featuring our work are out now: the Arquia 2014 catalogue and Maverick Style: Residential Appearance and Details Design. Check them out in your local bookshop!!

  6. Madrid, September 2014

    Zincshower 2013 galardonado /awarded PREMIO COAM 2014

    Más información / More info HERE

  7. Madrid, July 2014

    We are delighted to present our most recent built project, ZINCSHOWER 2014 

    Click HERE to view the complete gallery of images (photos by Cesar Fernandez Gago)

    Gráfica / Graphics by SOPA - Producción / Production by Cartonlab

  8. Barcelona, June 20th, 2014

    Nuestros proyectos Zincshower 2013 y Fuerte del Mazo han sido seleccionados entre un total de 670 obras para formar parte del catálogo Arquia/Próxima.¡Enhorabuena a todos los seleccionados!

    Our projects Zincshower 2013 and Fuerte del Mazo have been selected (among a grand total of 670 entries) for publication in the Arquia Proxims 2012/13 catalogue. Contratulations to all selected teams!

    Más información / More info HERE

  9. Milano, May 30th, 2014.

    Nuestro proyecto para el Fuerte del Mazo, publicado en Domus!!

    Our project for the Fuerte del Mazo Museum has been published in Domus!!

    Más información / More info HERE

  10. Madrid, 17 de diciembre de 2013.

    Presentación del libro MADRID.MATERIA DE DEBATE 2003-2013, que incluye el artículo LA CRISIS DE LOS ESPACIOS PÚBLICOS de Ana Miret 

    MADRID.MATERIA DE DEBATE 2003-2013 -including a chapter by Ana Miret- Book launch.

    Editado por el CLUB DE DEBATES URBANOS. Más información  / More info HERE

  11. Edinburgh, October 2013

    The Limits of the Useful

    Presented at the UoE Symposium of Research by Design. More info HERE.

  12. Santoña, Mayo de 2013

    Restauración y conversión en Museo - Fuerte del Mazo, Santoña

    Conservation, Restoration and Conversion into Museum - Fuerte del Mazo, Santoña

    Más información  / More info HERE. Fotos de / Photographs by Lucía Miret.

  13. Madrid, Abril de 2013

    Arquitectura efímera para Zincshower / Ephemeral architectures for Zincshower

    Más información / More info HERE. Fotos de / Photographs by Lucía Miret.

    See the 'Making Of' Video HERE

  14. Madrid, Febrero de 2013

    Rehabilitación de vivienda en Malpartida de Cáceres  / House Conservation and Renovation.

    Publicada en TRAMA 116 / Featured in TRAMA 116